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Winton House in East Lothian has created a completely new Highland Games. It’s ideal for team building, as an incentive event or just for a bit of fun!

“Groups are organised into countries and given team colours,” says James Maynard, General Manager at Winton House. “Each team completes one activity before rotating to the next under the chieftain’s instructions. The Highland Games takes about 2½ hours and is for a minimum of 20 people.”

The Winton Highland Games includes:

  • The Scottish Javelin – aka ‘tossing the caber’. Scaled down appropriately for both ladies and gentlemen!
  • The Winton Slalom – using tree trunks, the team must carry and race around an obstacle course in the quickest time.
  • Wheat Sheaf High Jump – a traditional games event that is still strong in East Lothian at agricultural shows; the wheat sheaf must be thrown over the bar using a pitch fork, at an ever increasing height.
  • The Haggis Discus – using a chieftain haggis you must spin around and throw the haggis into the box. How accurately can you throw after spinning on the spot?
  • Hay Bale Rolling – a 100 metre relay; the quickest team to get the bale up and down the track in a straight line wins! Sounds easy…. Just try it!
  • Strong Man Tug o’ War – always popular and very competitive!

Prizes are provided for the best team, and the best male and female competitors. For large groups of 80 or more, a PA system with music can be included.