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Unique Venues of Edinburgh is a membership driven marketing consortium. The membership comprises of 23 venues located in Edinburgh and the Lothians, all of which have something unique to offer. The venues are promoted through the website, a variety of digital marketing campaigns and through referrals from the member venues.

Regular member meetings take place and provide a platform to share the following: ideas, examples of best practice and updates about the venues and the organisation.

Unique Venues of Edinburgh Management Committee

The following positions make up the Management Committee of Unique Venues of Edinburgh. The positions are voluntary and it is intended that the post holders will serve on the Committee for an initial period of 2 years.

Please feel free to contact the Management Committee members for information on UVE or with any questions relating to becoming a member venue.

  • Fiona Mclellan


    Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events

    Fiona has been a longstanding member of Unique Venues of Edinburgh, representing multiple venues across the years. In her role on the management committee, she works closely with the new team to represent our members as best as possible. She has lead development of the group’s strategy which helps our members to grow their business – because ultimately we all share a common goal.

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  • Gillian MacDonald

    Membership Lead

    Historic Scotland

    Having been involved with Unique Venues of Edinburgh since its inception, Gillian has history of representing its members and knows the city’s events landscape inside and out. Her insight and stewardship has helped grow UVE in profile and numbers over the last 10+ years. Gillian is dedicated to maintaining the quality of member venues – always seeking out unusual venues who are able to step up to the challenge of being high in demand. Gillian’s work with the management team continues to build on our successes.

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  • Anna Murricane

    Marketing Committee Lead

    Cultural Venues | City of Edinburgh Council

    Anna is the Business Development Manager for Edinburgh Cultural Venues at Edinburgh Council – covering the Assembly Rooms on George Street and the City Chambers located on the iconic Royal Mile. She knows the immense value of Edinburgh as a destination and selling it to the world. At Unique Venues of Edinburgh, she uses her expertise to lead the marketing committee.

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