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Unique Venues of Edinburgh is a membership driven marketing consortium. The membership comprises of 22 venues located in Edinburgh and the Lothians, all of which have something unique to offer. The venues are promoted through the website, a variety of digital marketing campaigns and through referrals from the member venues.

Regular member meetings take place and provide a platform to share the following: ideas, examples of best practice and updates about the venues and the organisation.

Unique Venues of Edinburgh Management Committee

The following positions make up the Management Committee of Unique Venues of Edinburgh. The positions are voluntary and it is intended that the post holders will serve on the Committee for an initial period of 2 years.

Please feel free to contact the Management Committee members for information on UVE or with any questions relating to becoming a member venue.

  • Fi Morley


    The Hub

    A very warm welcome to Unique Venues of Edinburgh – to our clients, members and potential member venues – we hope you find everything you need!

    I believe we as members have been able to grow our professional relationships, and friendships, over the years working together to help our clients find the right venue for their event throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians…..complete with the UVE assurance of quality.

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  • Fiona Mclellan


    Heritage Portfolio

    I have been a member of the Unique Venues of Edinburgh for some time and I am now really honoured to be a member of the Management Committee. I am looking forward to working closely with the new team to represent our members as best we can. I believe we have a great opportunity to develop our strategy and help our members to grow their business as ultimately we all share a common goal.

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  • Gillian MacDonald


    Historic Scotland

    Having been involved with Unique Venues of Edinburgh at its inception, I am delighted to be back representing our members on the management committee. We have grown in profile and numbers over the last 10 years which is testament to the quality of the venues in Edinburgh and the demand for an unusual venue to host events. I am looking forward to working with the management team and group of members to build on our success and continue to grow the business for us all.

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