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Invitation to ‘Restoring Scotland's Biggest, Hand-Woven Carpet at Winton Castle’

Winton Castle boasts the largest, single piece, hand-woven carpet in Scotland. The Indian carpet is more than 160 years old and fits neatly into Winton’s Scottish Renaissance drawing room. The carpet was recently restored by the Nomad’s Tent to bring out its vibrant colours and ‘elephants’ footprint’ motifs.

Guests are invited to Winton Castle to hear a short talk by Andrew Haughton, owner of the Nomad’s Tent in Edinburgh, on the carpet’s restoration. The event takes place on Thursday 24th November from 6 to 8pm and drinks and canapes will also be served. Guests will also watch a short video of the carpet’s restoration.

“The ‘elephant’s foot’ is the striking motif repeated across the field of the carpet,” says Andrew Haughton from the Nomad’s Tent. “What looks like an ‘elephant’s foot’ is really a stylised motif known as a ‘gul’, a rose or flower, found in Turcoman rugs and carpets.”

“The beautiful colours are typical of Indian carpets of the period, especially the deep reds and soft greens.”

Andrew Haughton continues: “The carpet is thought to be the largest single piece, hand-woven carpet in Scotland and has been designed to fit neatly into Winton Castle’s drawing room.

“It is understood that the carpet was commissioned as early as 1846. The carpet was most likely woven over 3 or 4 years, one metre of length taking perhaps one to two months. There may have been 5 or 6 weavers working abreast on a huge loom the width of the carpet.”

Tickets are £10 with the proceeds going to Marie Curie, the charity for terminal illnesses.

RSVP to James Maynard by 21 November: or 01875 340222.

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