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When Disney Channel producers tasked with promoting Scottish-themed blockbuster ‘Brave’ needed a setting for their dedicated programming, their requirements were challenging. An authentic Scottish Castle was needed, but it also had to be close to transport links, have period bedrooms to accommodate both the film crew and teenage stars from hit show ‘Good Luck Charlie’, and be flexible enough to allow its stately public rooms to be utterly transformed according to Disney’s vision. 5 star Dundas Castle was perfect, and so the armoury duly became a throne room; the lawns became archery ranges; the Stag Chamber was set out for a medieval banquet and the library played host to a 6ft stuffed grizzly bear, scaring all who entered!  

After three days of hectic filming, and editing late into the night, it was a wrap. Disney VP Cardon Walker said ‘I’ve produced shoots for Disney all over the world, and this will go down as one of my favourites!’

To see the results of Disney’s efforts, you can view two entertaining clips on the ‘Film shoots’ page of the Dundas Castle website