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Every so often, we ask the experts at UVE venues to share their events secrets. This month’s tips are from Paul McKerrow, front of house manager at Assembly Rooms and the Cultural Performance Venues. With over 15 years of events experience, Paul is well versed in pulling off successful events.

Be Flexible

Events take time and thought to develop, and customers appreciate having a professional to build the creative framework for their event, including the technical and logistical elements. We take pride in our level of customer service, creating tailor-made events for everything from small scale meetings to major events and exhibitions, with over 400 layout options.

Go Green

Eco-friendly events take place all over the world every year, proving a good show doesn’t have to cost the earth. Whether it’s a wedding, conference or launch party, you can take a few easy steps to make your event greener. We are committed to operating as sustainably as possible and are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and Green Arts Initiative and have signed up to Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficiency Pledge, meaning our guests can party with a feel good factor and a green conscience!

Listen to Feedback

It’s one thing asking for feedback but another thing actually acting upon it. At Assembly Rooms, we take all feedback from clients and customers seriously – and more importantly, we listen to these suggestions and try to implement them where possible, accommodating new ideas to continuously improve our service. After all, it’s the enjoyment of the guests that really makes an event successful.

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