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Corporate Event Planning in Edinburgh - Top tips from Mansfield Traquair

Mansfield Traquair

Mansfield Traquair may hold stunning weddings and parties, but over the years the event design team have learnt how to make a corporate event special. Here they share their top tips to impress your guests! – perfect for any Edinburgh corporate event.

  1. Choose a venue that has the “wow” factor

A breath-taking venue that leaves partners and clients awestruck is a must if you’re wanting to create a memorable event. Not only is it stunning to look at and unique, it helps to break the ice as it encourages attendees to start talking to one another. If you’re holding a networking or conference event, this is especially important. Similarly, for a dinner or party it’s vital to give the event a sense of occasion, and this can be done by choosing the perfect venue.

  1. Use your space wisely

When you have a beautiful and sizeable venue at your disposal, it’s vital to make the most of the space and give your event versatile options. For instance, at Mansfield Traquair, we create the illusion of rooms with our well-placed drape and lighting. Our clients are able to enjoy a theatre or cabaret style conference set-up with a separate break out space and area for lunch all within one venue. This means that if you’re holding a daylong event or meeting, all of your needs are met in one venue, making it both practical and more cost-effective without sacrificing on style.

  1. Serve mouth-watering food, not just ‘fuel’

At our events – food is not just meant to help stave off hunger. It’s meant to surprise and entice our guests – we strive for our meetings, parties and dinners to break away from the mould to make them more memorable. We take inspiration from exciting new food trends and sometimes our guests have to “forage” for their dinner, which is a fantastic experience and a talking point among guests. We encourage people to try something new and most importantly, something memorable. This is what will set your event apart and make your business even more memorable.

For more information on corporate events, or to talk to our event designers about creating an amazing networking or corporate event, email or call us on 0131 474 8013.