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Wedding Coordinator of the Year Nomination for The Merchants' Hall

Erin Gardiner The Merchants' Hall

Erin Gardiner from The Merchants’ Hall has been shortlisted in the Wedding Coordinator of The Year category. Erin will find out if she’s crowned winner at the elegant ceremony, taking place in February.

Erin commented: “I am delighted to be nominated for Wedding Coordinator of The Year 2020 with the Scottish Wedding Awards. It was a wonderful surprise as I had not expected it, but I am so humbled that people have taken the time to vote for me. I look forward to the awards ceremony and celebrating with the other wonderful finalists!”

The Merchants’ Hall in Edinburgh was built in the nineteenth century to reflect values that are still associated with Scotlands’ capital city : integrity, acumen and accomplishment.

Situated in the very heart of the city, The Merchants’ Hall is one of Scotland’s more discreet treasures where the best of Art and Architecture have combined to create a building of grace and distinction.

The Merchants’ Hall is a beautiful, A-listed building, owned by The Merchant Company of Edinburgh. The building is steeped in a rich and fascinating history and until a decade ago, it was only used for the private events & meetings of Merchant Company Members.

Available exclusively or in part, this stunning venue can now be hired by all those who wish to enjoy it, for a variety of different occasions & events.

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