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The Leith Agency, a fully integrated creative agency and ‘ideas factory’ based in Edinburgh, is used to working with iconic clients such as Irn Bru and Famous Grouse. To host their annual Christmas Party, the agency returned to Winton Castle for a memorable festive event fit for Edinburgh’s creative crowd.

This case study is based on an interview with Michael Higgins, Strategic Planner at the Leith Agency.


Why did you choose Winton Castle?

“The Leith Agency chose Winton Castle because we’d had a fantastic time there several years ago at a previous Christmas party. So we wanted to return!

“Winton is a special venue and we wanted to get out of Edinburgh.”


What was the format?

“We had the whole of our agency group at Winton; The Leith Agency, Signal and Stripe.”

“We had a drinks reception upon arrival in the drawing room, a three course dinner and then a delicious cheese buffet.”

170 guests dined across four reception rooms and a small adjoining marquee. Afterwards there was dancing to DJ Donny Hughes until coaches returned the partygoers to Edinburgh at midnight.


What was the feedback from guests?

“Our guests loved every minute of the party!  The festive decorations and the atmosphere at Winton were captivating and magical.

“The decorations were very tasteful.  We especially loved the decorations around the fireplace in the main hall.

“Everyone loved the hospitality and the service was friendly and professional.

“We all felt utterly relaxed and at ease as it was great to get away from Edinburgh city centre. It was like going to Narnia!  We loved the convivial ‘house party’ atmosphere.”


For more information on  hosting a Christmas party at Winton Castle, please visit the website.