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Bethany Christian Trust Hosts Big Day Out at Winton Castle

Bethany Big Day Out at Winton Castle Walled Garden

Winton Castle, the events venue in East Lothian, were delighted to host Bethany Christian Trust’s Big Day Out at Winton Castle to thank their dedicated team and celebrate their hard work.

Bethany’s mission is ‘Ending homelessness in Scotland…one person at a time’. Their valuable work supports almost 7,000 people in Scotland to prevent and end homelessness, from families and young people, to rough sleepers and people recovering from addiction.

The feedback on their Big Day Out at Winton Castle was kindly given by Alasdair Bennett, Chief Executive of Bethany Christian Trust.

“Bethany chose Winton for our Big Day Out because we loved the location and the chance to get out of the city.  The castle is beautiful and stately and the grounds are stunning,” said Alasdair Bennett. “We also loved the “family” feel of Winton and their warm hospitality.”

“We also chose Winton because we know that they have actively supported the work of Bethany Christian Trust by fund raising at their Spring Open Days so it felt good to be there.

“The guests were our whole staff team.  We had a few objectives for the day: we wanted to say a huge “thank you” to the team for all their hard work, and to share our 5 year plan for Bethany’s mission across Scotland.

“We wanted to give everyone a day away from their normal places of work, to relax and have fun together.  We also wanted everyone to feel appreciated and “treat” them to a day out.

“The feedback in relation to the BBQ, Highland Games, the piper and other hospitality was hugely positive.  People loved the venue; the atmosphere and food were real highlights too.  The Highland Games were fun and inclusive; even those who preferred to watch still enjoyed participating by cheering their team-mates on.”

Did the Big Day Out achieve your objectives?

“Yes, we feel it met all the objectives we had for the day.  It not only lived up to our expectations, it exceeded them.  Our BBQ lunch was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the grounds.”

Alasdair Bennett concludes: “The Bethany team felt so very welcome at Winton and the atmosphere was wonderful.  It was such a great experience for us – they couldn’t have put on a better Big Day Out!”

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