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Today, most companies operate in teams and this is how all the important work gets done. To help your team accomplish anything they set their minds to, we’ve compiled 5 powerful tips that will keep your employees motivated to do their very best on the job.

Show appreciation

Giving your team the respect and recognition they deserve can go a long way. Who doesn’t like to be told they’re doing a great job? If you show your appreciation and gratitude to your team, you can be certain that they will go above and beyond for you and the company.

Our top tip? Make time for each team member, get to know them as individuals and be specific when you’re recognising their contribution to the team’s efforts.

Showing your gratitude doesn’t always have to cost you money – even giving your team an early Friday finish can inspire a positive start to a Monday morning.

Provide opportunities for self-development

We know from numerous studies that individuals are more valuable to your company when they’re constantly developing both personally and professionally.

Providing your team with opportunities for self-development isn’t just limited to teaching them new skills that benefit the role they’re in, but also in supporting the development of habits and traits that help improve their personal and their professional life. Training sessions, courses, workshops, webinars and mentoring programmes are all fantastic ways to help develop your team.

But also make sure you’re listening to them and what they need, because sending them on fancy training sessions they don’t need won’t help anyone – and certainly not your wallet!

Set clear goals

We all know the importance of communication for the success of every company and its people, but surprisingly many leaders fail in this vital skill. You can only inspire your team when you build and maintain clear lines of communication with each member.

If you’re the leader, it’s your job to work with each individual to set clear goals. Once you make sure everyone knows exactly what their goals are, what their relative priority is, and what the team’s role is in reaching them, you’ll have an inspired team in no time!

Avoid unnecessary meetings

We’ve all sat in meetings before, staring at the clock and panicking about the mounting list of tasks waiting for us at our desks. This feeling can really impact on the work day, leading to a less productive team, so leaders should avoid long winded meetings that waste time.

The average professional wastes 3.8 hours in unproductive meetings each week. Maintain a productive and inspired team by creating an agenda which you share with the team in advance, inviting relevant team members only, starting the meeting on time, and then ending it as quickly as you possibly can.

Your team will thank you for it – trust us!

Inspiring work environment

You don’t need to provide a ‘Google-esque’ work space, but remember that everyone wants to work in a stimulating office environment that makes them feel happy and inspired. Employees who find joy in their work make excellent role models for their team members, encouraging them to also enjoy their work.

An inspiring work environment has multiple benefits; a positive atmosphere, increase in staff retention, higher profits and company growth and higher productivity.

There are many ways to create a stimulating and motivating work environment, but it is most important to ask your employees what they think would improve the workspace.

Remember – inspiration comes from a consistent behavioural change from management that makes your employees feel that they matter and that you genuinely care.