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You will not be surprised to hear that there are 22 excellent golf courses within 10 to 20 minutes drive of Winton House, so the events team regularly gives advice on planning golf outings and holidays.

Winton has two big, self-catering country houses, which are popular with golfing parties, including the President of the PGA of America who is a regular visitor and described his experience as his “best stay in Scotland ever”.

You may not know that the owners of Winton House played a critical role in developing East Lothian’s most famous golf courses because they owned the lands of Muirfield, Archerfield and Gullane. The Setons originally owned the extensive Winton Estate until by some misfortune the Earl of Winton ended up in the Tower of London after supporting the Jacobites.

The Nisbet Hamilton Ogilvys bought the House and Estate and golf was therefore bound to feature since the Archerfield Estate was home to Muirfield and the links courses at Gullane.

The East Lothian Golf Club first met at Archerfield. Local fuars in Gullane played for free and Muirfield was leased to the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers.

Together, they promoted the game of golf as best they could, sometimes with practical initiatives such as ensuring a public water supply for Gullane.

Today, Winton House also caters for non-golfers with a light hearted Adventure Golf Trilogy, made up of ‘stick at it’, ‘oak and smoke’ and ‘crossing yer balls’. This involves Velcro, whisky barrels and laser clays.

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