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Zitlali and David Shaw explain why Winton House was the perfect venue for their summer wedding.


Why did you choose Winton House? What were the key criteria that your wedding venue had to meet?

We visited 17 venues within the Lothians before we came across Winton House – our final venue on the list! We had a vision of what we wanted the day to look like and with over 100 guests travelling from outside Scotland (and many from outside the UK); we wanted our guests to feel that they were attending a uniquely Scottish wedding as opposed to a marquee that could be anywhere in the world.

Winton House was the perfect venue as it is an imposing building but retainins a homely feel.  It holds beautiful architecture and priceless artwork, yet there is a cosy feeling in every room.


How did you create the Scottish ambience?

While David and I now live in England, we are both originally from Edinburgh and our hearts remain at home in Scotland. There was no question that we both wanted to get married in beautiful Edinburgh! We also wanted to take the Garden Party theme and add a Scottish flavour, reflecting our Scottish roots for the benefit of our many international guests.

To bring a different twist to the event, we had hay bales draped in tartan rugs, wheelbarrows of iced beer, jazz on the lawns, antipasti on personalised boards and games including hula-hoops, croquet and football.

The castle dungeon was transformed into a whisky tasting room with a range of single malts set out for guests to taste.  In the evening the room, with its fifteenth century vaulted roof, was a particular attraction.


What inspired the Garden Party theme?

The Garden Party theme was inspired by an outdoor wedding we attended in South Africa. The castle’s 17th century walled garden was in full bloom and the weather was perfect, creating the ideal location and theme.


Pictures are courtesy of Crofts & Kowalczyk Photography