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Julien Miotte started with The Gateway Restaurant at The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh back in May 2013 as a part of a placement through Inlingua Language School. His aim was, primarily to improve his conservational English whilst learning new skills within a hospitality environment. With thousands of visitors and hundreds of guests daily there was no lack of practise, and it wasn’t long before Julien was confidently conversing with guests and becoming an important part of the team.

After returning home for a month, he re-joined The Gateway Restaurant as a fully certified member of staff. His charming and calming manner meant that he soon became a firm favourite of both staff and guests and before long he was taking on additional responsibilities within the restaurant. He moved up to a supervisory position leading shifts and a team of staff who hold Julien in the highest regard.

His progress then took him towards the running and organisation of some of the Royal Botanic Garden’s in-house events. He can be found running weddings, corporate dinners and many of their high profile events on a weekly basis. He has created a reputation as a hard working, dedicated and industrious supervisor. Respected by staff and popular with clients, he sets a good example of how ambition and passion can propel you in your chosen career.

You may meet Julien when you hold your next event at The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.