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James originally has roots in Leeds in Yorkshire, and then moved to Surrey where school and The University of Surrey beckoned with a degree in Retail and Hospitality Management.

Previous badges include coffee roaster, events, stadia (Wembley Stadium), livery halls, luxury retail in Knightsbridge (Harrods), and luxury hospitality in Palm Beach America (The Breakers Beach Resort and Spa).

At The Royal Institution of Great Britain, James worked his magic in the busy world of Mayfair in London managing bespoke events and hospitality for the public. These included high profile, inspirational events for the Queen, Prince Charles, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.

18 months ago he visited Winton House with his fiancĂ© and decided to get married there in August 2013. On a site visit at Christmas he discovered the GM role was going and applied. Several months later he interviewed and got the job so in early April he packed up shop in London and moved to Scotland, and thus Winton House. He and Suzanne then got married at the stunning venue on 3rd August. It’s like the old saying “its so good I bought the company” but in this case “I liked it so much I got a job here”

James is looking forward to wearing his kilt more and travelling down Rout 66 on his honeymoon.