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To celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, Winton House have created a completely new Winton Olympic Highland Games. It’s ideal for team building activities or just for a bit of fun. Groups are organised into countries and paraded into the Paddock or the Walled Garden where we light the Olympic Fire and the games commence! You require a minimum of 20 people but they can accommodate parties topping 80 people also. A chieftain is elected to adjudicate the fun. He or she ensures that no Highland mischief or poor sportsmanship ensues.

The Winton Olympic Highland Games includes:

  • The Scottish Javelin (aka ‘tossing the caber’).
  • The Winton Slalom – using tree trunks, the team must carry and race around an obstacle course in the quickest time.
  • Wheat Sheaf High Jump – a traditional games event that is still strong in East Lothian at agricultural shows, the wheat sheaf must be thrown over the bar, at an ever increasing height, using a pitch fork.
  • The Haggis Discus – using a chieftain haggis you must spin around and throw the haggis into the box.
  • Hay bale – rolling 100 metre relay; the quickest team to get the bale up and down the track in a straight line!
  • Strong Man Tug o’ War – always popular and very competitive!

The Olympic Highland Games takes about 2 ½ hours and is finished off with a podium ceremony for the best team, male and female for each event.