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New exhibition at Dovecot Studios - Northlands Creative Glass: A Portrait at 20

Curated by Amanda Game this new exhibition at Dovecot Studios explores the people, place and work of North Lands Creative Glass, creating a portrait of the organisation in its twentieth year. North Lands is based in Caithness on the North East Coast of Scotland, and is one of the world’s most prestigious centres for the study and development of glass as an artform, providing excellent facilities, opportunities and inspiration to artists working with glass from all over the world.

This exhibition delves into the North Lands archives and combines works from their study collection, then opens out to showcase major works by ten invited master glass makers: Maria Bang Espersen, Alison Kinnaird, Tobias Mohl, Magdalen Odunda, David Reekie, Colin Reid, Richard Slee, Petr Stanicky, Emma Woffenden and Udo Zembok.

North Lands Creative Glass: A Portrait at 20 is presented at Dovecot Gallery with support from Dovecot Foundation, Creative Scotland, Bullseye Glass, Turtleton Charitable Trust and Phebe Miller Olcay in memory of her husband John Olcay. The exhibition runs until 29 October.

*Photograph by Shannon Tofts