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Clearly not content to rest upon the venue’s excellent laurels, Head Chef at Dundas Castle Tom Beauchamp has boosted his team with the addition of not one but two chefs with Michelin-starred backgrounds.

Derek Muircroft is a Chef extraordinaire by day and an amateur boxer and didgeridoo player by night. Derek initially approached cooking as a stop gap when he was younger but after being introduced to the legendary Roux Brothers this all changed. Referred to as ‘the godfathers of British haute cuisine’, the Roux brothers have been awarded 3 Michelin Stars for their cooking at Le Gavroche in Mayfair.

Derek’s stand out dish is Fresh Tagliatelli with poached egg, 48 month aged Parmegiano Reggiano and shaved fresh white Truffle – “-a masterclass in simplicity and incredibly elegant to eat”.

Derek said:

I enjoy working with Prestige and Dundas because every day is different which keeps things really interesting. There is an extraordinary wealth of experience within the team and due to this I am always learning which is so important in cooking. I enjoy working at the Castle especially as it is a great area to showcase my skills in such an incredible environment.

Ross Clark balances his career as a Chef with a passion for Bonsai trees, of which he has seven. He is also a huge rock fan and is extremely excited about ACDC playing at Hampden Park in the summer. Ross grew up in a family that loved cooking and with his Grandfather being a Chef, the gift clearly lies in the genes. Given his first cookbook at 15, Ross now has a collection of 224. His favourite dish to create is “any type of Pithivier, they are one of the most beautiful things to make.” For those who are unfamiliar, this is a round, enclosed pie usually made by baking two disks of puff pastry, with filling stuffed in between.

Ross said:

Having the chance to work on so many different types of event with such great ingredients is very exciting for a chef. One day we could be doing a gala dinner for a prestigious corporate client, the next an intimate tasting menu in the stag chamber. It’s this variety, and the beautiful surrounding of the castle itself that make this such a special job.

Head Chef Tom Beauchamp had the following to say of his new signings:

In Derek and Ross we have been extremely lucky to get two chefs on board who have an incredible level of experience and knowledge and have worked in some of the best restaurants around. Both have substantial experience in Michelin starred kitchens and have brought with them a new and exciting dynamic to our already strong team

Dundas Castle is available for exclusive hire. For more information, make an enquiry, or visit the Dundas Castle website.